The #1 Best Email Copy Tip Ever…

Published on October 31, 2013 by

13839505_mlA lot of people ask me, "Jay, what's the #1 thing I should be doing to make my email copy more effective?"

And that's a great question. Because if you follow the pundits online, you'll get about 962 different opinions on this.

But in my many years of writing emails and autoresponders and helping the biggest names in internet marketing make multiple millions, there's one thing that has stood out from the rest as the top requirement for a smoking hot email...

This might rock your world--you ready? Here goes...


Yep--that's it. Just talk to them. Talk to your prospects. Talk to your customers. Talk to them like a normal, everyday person in normal, everyday language.

Now, I can see some of you out there with confused looks on your faces. "But Jay," you're thinking, "That's what I always do in my emails."

Is it? Is it REALLY?

Because here's the deal--many of the emails I see these days don't talk TO me, they talk AT me. And there's a huge difference...

Talking AT me is sort of like reading a textbook. Sure, the information is helpful and I'm getting a great education. But I'm also fighting sleep because it's not engaging to me.

But when you talk TO me, suddenly there's a shift. Now I'm hearing a voice in my head, with personality and heart and feeling and empathy, instead of the droning sound of bland, lifeless text.

Talking TO your lists turns a one-sided message into a conversation. There's a back-and-forth--whether it's actual or perceived--between two human entities. The language is casual, free-flowing, and most importantly NOT salesy and hypey.

Now your audience will be more engaged with you, plugging into what you're saying instead of tuning out--meaning messages that will get opened a lot quicker and get read much more often. All of which should result in more click throughs.

Yes, I did say "should." Because there's more that goes into getting a great click-through rate than just changing your voice. We'll be talking more about that in a later post.

But for now, take a look at your email copy and ask yourself--is it talking AT you...or TO you?


Jay White Jay White is an email marketing copywriter, consultant, trainer and speaker who trains copywriters and online business owners on how to write sizzling hot emails that get opened, get read, and get click-throughs. If you want a FREE video where Jay reveals 5 simple tweaks you can make to your email copy to boost conversions and increase profits, click here NOW!


  1. Lynne

    Never thought of my emails as talking to me. But I see your point. Sometimes, we are bombarded with information overload that we just delete emails that do. Let us try this approach. Great tip!

  2. Jay

    Thanks Lynne--appreciate your input!

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