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Although my busy coaching/speaking/consulting schedule allows me little time to write direct response email copy, I still take the occasional project if it suits my interests and my schedule…

If you’re looking for high-powered emails and autoresponders that pull people in and keep them engaged until they have no choice but to click on a link for more, I may be able to help you with that. My fees start at $1000 per email, and are paid in advance.

Here's what some of my high-profile clients say about my copywriting work...

I think most people know that I'm obsessed with copy... especially email copy. I don't know anyone that gets the kind of results that I get with my copy. The bottom line is that I am VERY picky about my copy.

So bringing in a copywriter was basically a non-starter... until I met Jay White.

I recently hired Jay on a super-secret project... and boy did he deliver. He wrote great copy - persuasive, engaging and profitable. And he often did it on insanely tight deadlines.

I sent this testimonial to Jay because it's the right thing to do, but I sorta hope it never sees the light of day... because I would like to keep Jay locked up as my secret weapon.

Jeff Walker


"After hearing about Jay's outstanding copy from several of my internet marketing guru friends, I flew him to Delray Beach to help us out with
a HUGE project I was working on.

For 3 days, we sweated, swore, and slaved over the copy. The result? One of my biggest launches ever, with over $2 million is sales (and counting).

Jay played a major part in our success--so much in fact, that I literally begged him to move down here and be my exclusive copywriter!"

Rich Schefren


"We brought Jay on to be a part of our fund-raising campaign for Feed The Children. Our goal was to feed 1 million hungry kids throughout the world--and with the help of Jay's persuasive, heart-tugging emails, we blew past that in just 64 hours. But what's even more remarkable is that six months later, donations are STILL coming in!

Jay is our secret weapon when it comes to autoresponders. If you're looking for high-quality, relationship-driven emails that pull massive click-thrus, take our advice--hire this guy!"

Stephen and Alicia Pierce


"If you're marketing online, I encourage you to RUN (don't walk) and hire Jay as your copywriter of choice for any autoresponder sequence you need now, or in the future. That's exactly what I did over a year ago and my prospects have been converting to customers ever since."

Alex Mandossian
Traffic Conversion Strategies and Founder of


If you’d like to hire me to write your email or autoresponder copy, please contact me here to find out more.